I don’t even know the actual name of this track when I first thought of names. I had Freshki as a placeholder for a tune that I remember, then it really grew on me and I called it Freshki ever since.

The first version is more of a normal dance version that I came up with.

The Big Room House Mix version is more faster tempo more like a club mix.

Release date: TBA


This track starts off as a meme at work while I was doing one of the artwork that resembles wonder woman and someone else suggested another super hero for the next artwork.

So I when with the superhero theme and made this track. I know is this has huge inspiration from spiderman lol

Sonic: Re-Imagined Album Update

Mystic Cave (Prod. Teck) (Sonic Mania Remix) is another edition to my Sonic: Re-Imagined album, it’s produced by Teck over at VGMusic. I simply reworked the drums and sounds to have that Sonic Mania feel to it without heavy modification to the music.

There will be more unannounced track in the works or coming soon which includes some of the classics and my personal favourites.

DentedAphid7 Logo Change

When DentedAphid7 was first launched, I didn’t know where to begin and what to do. As I do all sort of things.

Then I started with a site that has a very basic (or however you want to call it) logo that represents me DentedAphid7 and started posting all sort of stuff.

Now it’s 2019, finally a brand new logo is on the rise. Whet from “basic” black and big purple 7 with green border to more strong and energetic text with just a purple gradient.

Sonic Re-Imagined

Sonic Re-Imagined is an upcoming album with mixture of Sonic tracks from various Sonic games re-imagined as the title says.

A remix of Launch Base Zone from Sonic 3 re-imagined in Sonic Maina style.

Eggman theme song from Sonic 3 based off Triangly’s style in his animated Sonic cartoon re-imagined.

Neo Gigapolis Zone from Sonic 2 Advanced Edit in deep house version.

Inspired by one of my favorite level in Sonic Colors, I turned Sweet Mountain into elevator type music

Did a rock version of Oil Ocean with ethnic vibe to it.

Possible Design Of New Yandex.Key App (Mockup)

When I started using app authentication for my Google and Microsoft to add extract security. I’ve notice all they do is approve access when your account when you login.

Ever since I’ve discovered 2FA I’ve noticed that those app authenticators that Google and Microsoft provide, they can also be used as 2FA for other supported services. But there is another app I discovered called Yandex.Key which allows you to add multiple 2FA into one single app.

The problem is only certain icon appears for some services and requires you to scroll across the screen and read the account carefully to see which account you’re trying to use the code which isn’t convenient when you have 10+ services added.

So I came up with an mockup with updated design with new tile card design so you can swipe up and down and you can easily copy the code from the card or pin the card to the top. Search functionality also added and everything else is hid inside the burger menu including adding new key, settings etc.

I don’t even know how this design idea ever began. Just came through my mind maybe because of Google Pay and the simplicity design of Apple apps. Hopefully Yandex will take this into consideration if they do decides to overhaul their current app.