Welcome to DentedAphid7, my name is Kenny Chu as some of you may know it.

As you see in the title, I’m a music composer, I play electronic keyboard and turn tunes from my mind into actual music (some examples below or check out my music section and support me on iTunes, Google Play etc…).

I’m also a web designer – creating a website like this and a gamer who plays video games.

I’m a PC tech guy who loves exploring & talk about tech on my tech site.

Feel free to contact me via the contact form. You can also submit your music creations to me and I will release it under DP7 Music (check out the FAQ section for more info).

Here is the Fisher track that I’ve worked on. I drew inspiration from Aimee Cozza‘s art that commissioned for this track. And here is how is turns out.

Of course this also includes familiar elements from other producers like Mark Sixma, Andrew Rayel, W&W.

Syrem was a track I made back in the early days of music production. It was originally called Wonderland.

Then I begin working on a 2K19 version in 2019 which is more “darker” and don’t sound like a “happy” track that Wonderland would be, so I turned into what now known as Syrem.

The cover art was then done by the artist Job Menting.