Hey and welcome to my website. My name is Kenny and I’m more commonly known as DentedAphid7. I’m a geek/website designer who mainly deals with WordPress and create websites that stand out. I’m learning new things as I go along for the ride.

At a very young age I was very interested in video games and computers and I remember playing Super Mario on Nintendo 64 as my very first console and playing on the original Gameboy and moved to Color. My very first computer was a Windows 95 machine and a Compaq laptop running 98. After that I started gaming on the original Xbox since then and moved up the ladder and eventually saved enough to build my very first gaming PC and gamed on it ever since and upgrade parts every now and then.

I like produce music in my spare time. Working with FL Studio on producing EDM music under the name of DentedAphid7. Love to try out new plugins to enhance my productivity and try out different sounds while I can. I’ve also worked with talented artists on some of the artwork for some of my albums.

I always like to tinker with things, if it doesn’t work as expected, I hire someone.