Blog · August 8, 2021 0

Demon Eye – Available Now

I’m happy to announce that Demon Eye is now available on major steaming platform from MojoHeadz Records.

More on this song:

I begin making this song out of the blue. I had this really cool melody “dreamed up” from my head and I wasn’t sure what type of song I would make oput of it. Like Electro? Trap? Dance? House?

Then I thought of doing a rough draft of 150 bpm and see how this really goes. Then lay down the foundation like the melody I have “dreamed up” previously in FL Studio’s FL Keys (this is how I always starts off with a melody, less destruction and I can fine tune the sound later) then play around with the drum sounds.

I took a house drum kick and I EQed down so would not have that “bounce” element in it and made it flat and had a punch in it’s own way. After that I fine tuned the intro melody’s sound and in the end I’ve chosen the bell sound.

Then this is where I decided to do a Trap like sound at the beginning as the intro and then going down to this autosphere of a fighting ring with Rock inspired drums and crowds. Then the drop transitions to a more Electro House vibe with a deep bass and a Electro type lead.

The 3rd part of the drop is just a vocal chop with the Trap element back again from the start and continues on to the beginning of 2nd part. The 2nd drop I wanted to start of with this “Bass House” feeling and rift right through until the 3rd part of the drop begins and the the song ends with an bell sound like ending.