Free vs Freemium & Stop Being Misleading

While I was browing through some templates for WooCommerce online and came across an article named 40+ Best Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes.

Shophistic actually caught my eyes because it had everything that a shop would need like the filtering system, shopping cart, blog, login etc…

When you say free in the title of that article I’d expected to be free and no payment required, but it turns out that most of the features of that template is locked behind a paywall (which also asks you to subscribe no matter what).

According to Google the definition of freemium is a business model, especially on the Internet, whereby basic services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be paid for.

Illustrator Has No Color Picker

That’s right. If you double click on the square box which has one of the 2 colors at the bottom right, you will find that Color Picker has no eye dropper option built in it like Photoshop, instead you have to use the actual eye dropper.

The eye dropper tool on Illustrator works differently than the one in Photoshop, instead of picking just the matching color you actually pick the style of the object that you are eye dropping from.

So things like gradient, font style etc will also be picked up which can be annoying if you simply wanted just the color not everything else.

Align To Center In Illustrator

So all those times I’ve been using Photoshop for artwork editing there you can Control + A (Select All) things and there is a button on the toolbox which allows you to center everything to the page you’re working on.

I also use Illustrator for vector editing, but no such thing as align to artboard – but turns out there is a hidden show options inside the 4 lines next to the align/pathfinder tab that I didn’t know which brings the extra option for align to artboard.

So it turns out if you just started using Illustrator after using Photoshop for very long time like me, you will most likely don’t even know until you bring the extra options up.

Deviantart and Wix?

Deviantart is the biggest platform for art creations and designs. I remember when I visited few years back for custom Windows theme download, Winamp skins and so on.

Then I came back recently only to notice a strange icon appeared in the Wappalyzer plugin on Deviantart’s website. And the icon looks awfully familiar to me.

So I click on it to found out that Deviantart is now using Wix which is a free website builder like Weebly not a “real” CMS system like WordPress or Dupal. So what the heck? How Wix got inviolved?

So it turns out that Wix brought Deviantart for $36 mil while all those years I’ve been absent from the site?

Just like when DesignCrowd brought Worth1000 (which is a site for memes and art contests you could say), I forgot about the site already and a huge overhaul was done as part of DesignCrowd.

Artist Page, Downloads & More

The May update is here and there is number of new features.

Now we have a featured section for tracks with short description.

In track preview page, you can see the artist/s that submitted the track and a short url for sharing to other sites.

In addition to that, there is download button/s for each store where you can purchase or listen to that particular track.

When you click the artist link from track preview page, it will bring you to a list of recent tracks created by that artist.

Now you can login with Facebook.