I don’t even know the actual name of this track when I first thought of names. I had Freshki as a placeholder for a tune that I remember, then it really grew on me and I called it Freshki ever since.

The first version is more of a normal dance version that I came up with.

The Big Room House Mix version is more faster tempo more like a club mix.

Release date: TBA


This track starts off as a meme at work while I was doing one of the artwork that resembles wonder woman and someone else suggested another super hero for the next artwork.

So I when with the superhero theme and made this track. I know is this has huge inspiration from spiderman lol

DentedAphid7 Logo Change

When DentedAphid7 was first launched, I didn’t know where to begin and what to do. As I do all sort of things.

Then I started with a site that has a very basic (or however you want to call it) logo that represents me DentedAphid7 and started posting all sort of stuff.

Now it’s 2019, finally a brand new logo is on the rise. Whet from “basic” black and big purple 7 with green border to more strong and energetic text with just a purple gradient.

Sonic Re-Imagined

Sonic Re-Imagined is an upcoming album with mixture of Sonic tracks from various Sonic games re-imagined as the title says.

A remix of Launch Base Zone from Sonic 3 re-imagined in Sonic Maina style.

Eggman theme song from Sonic 3 based off Triangly’s style in his animated Sonic cartoon re-imagined.

Neo Gigapolis Zone from Sonic 2 Advanced Edit in deep house version.

Inspired by one of my favorite level in Sonic Colors, I turned Sweet Mountain into elevator type music

Did a rock version of Oil Ocean with ethnic vibe to it.