ImageClip Tray

ImageClip Tray allows you to save any image from any website. Once the image URL is copied, it will then send the data to the program and you can save them for later.

With auto save, you can save images on the fly, simply copy image URL and will save to the default directory which is My Documents\ImageClip Saves.


  1. Why this was made?
    • There is really no way to save images faster or keep them for later, so I decided to make ImageClip Tray.
  2. What format are supported?
    • ImageClip Tray supports major formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF (including GIF animation) for now.
  3. What are the limitations?
    • If an image is a background.
    • If filename of the image is encrypted.
  4. What will be added in the future?
    • For now I can’t say. But hoping to have a category or folder thingy like Chrome bookmarks or even a feature where you can save your image list.