Key Down [Test Edition]


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You may only use this software personally.

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You may not redistribute this software without the authors prior written permission including but not limited to making the software available for download. Don’t host this software on your own in the internet. If you want to use Key Down [Test Edition] for a magazine or a comment or review, please set a backlink to and reference to this named website.
You may not sell, sublicence, rent, or convert or decompile this software to another programming language. You may not modify any of the components of this software.

Copyright (C) 2018 DP7 Project



This is a simple program that will test your key presses from your keyboard and save it into a file for documentation purposes.

There are two editions available, Test Edition & Stealth Edition. 
Test Edition will run for total of 5 days before expires.

Test Edition requires administrative rights before running and many of it’s features won’t work.  To continue using this program, Stealth Edition is required.

Basic Features:

  • Change program icon to mask Key Down.
  • Set custom text for Key Down.
  • Send self test email with logs.
  • Count key presses.



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