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Album Extract EX is a small tool that allows you to fetch missing covers for your music. If you have a huge library of music, this could be the right tool for you.

The program supports many services such as iTunes, Google Play Music, Last.FM and many other sources for fetching album covers for your music.

Update: Album Extract is undergoing a very major upgrade as we are moving to using official APIs and this might limit some of the experiences on some services or even cause the removal of certain services. Now that Google Play Music no longer available, therefore will be removed.

We are also looking to integrated official support of some other services such as Spotify, Soundcloud. If you are interested in adding support, you can contact me.

Version 3.0.4

  • Added official support for Deezer and iTunes.
  • Fixed URL handling.

What services are supported at the moment?

iTunes, Google Play Music, Bandcamp (as of 3.0.2), Soundcloud & Beatport.

Why my saved files missing?

You might have notice that your save directory is empty after each update (this is a known bug). That means, you will need to reconfigure the directory by going to options and click browse and select the default directory which is in your documents and your covers and everything else should be back as normal and restart to take effect.


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