Sonic: Re-Imagined Album Update

Mystic Cave (Prod. Teck) (Sonic Mania Remix) is another edition to my Sonic: Re-Imagined album, it’s produced by Teck over at VGMusic. I simply reworked the drums and sounds to have that Sonic Mania feel to it without heavy modification to the music.

There will be more unannounced track in the works or coming soon which includes some of the classics and my personal favourites.

DP7 – Bomberman Party Edition (Battle Theme) Soon

When I was growing up, Bomberman was one of my favorite game till now. But remembering all those those old classic tunes from Bomberman Party Edition on the PlayStation 1 has inspired me to create some refresh of the good old battle theme with some 90’s electronic synth mashed with new elements.

I was actually busy one day and I had this old battle theme dance tune from Bomberman Party Edition keep popping up into my head and I went back to my studio and had actually made a entire refresh based on that tune.

And also the infamous Bomberman tune had to be made as well.

Make sure to check it out here and it will be released soon.