2012 Songs Revisit

Well, it has been long time since I’ve started music composition back around 2010. I’ve started of uploading to newgrounds and keep deleting songs from till 2012. Memories were wiped.

2010 passed and I kept some of the songs I made back in 2012. Didn’t even know how crap it sounded like and some of them don’t even get released or published.

Hope you guys enjoy my crappy sounds lol

One Place For DP7 Related Things

DP7 or known as DentedAphid7 is official. We have our own web address instead of using out old DP7 link hosted in Chat ‘n’ Go.

That means everything related to DP7 will be in one place and no longer reply on Chat ‘n’ Go.

Here will be one central place for downloading our music, software, watching videos from DP7 Productions and so on.

We will still use Chat ‘n’ Go for tech/gaming related content. Forums will also be in Chat ‘n’ Go.

And more things to come from DentedAphid7.